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Elise Posledni

Writes fantasy. Cozy fantasy that you can sink into on a rainy day. Real, magical fantasy that makes you question the world you live in. Epic fantasy that brings you to new realms and adventures. Romantic, supernatural, and heart-wrenching reluctant hero fantasy that speaks to something in all of us.

About the Author

Elise Posledni's love for writing started at a young age when she wrote a re-telling of The Lord of the Rings through the point of view of Bill the pony. Writing fantasy just became second nature from there. Elise is currently a bookkeeper by day and fantasy writer by weekend and very early mornings. A New Witch in the Northwoods will be Elise's first published novel and will be available soon! 


Elise Posledi is the pen name for Jenna Dickson. Book awards include Top Ten Winner of the 2021 Launch Pad Prose Competition, plus #1 Fantasy Book/Manuscript of the Month and #4 placement for the year on the Coverfly Redlist.​


Coverfly Author Page/Projects & Awards

Member of the Wisconsin Writers Association

"Of Dreams & Nightmares" Featured on Aphelion Issue 179

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